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Carbine Studios finally announced the release date for Wildstar! (June 3rd 2014)  I know this has been a MMO we here @ Scarlet Company have been looking forward too since way back when we formed The Veiled Mist in Neverwinter.  We are looking forward to everyone that will be returning to us for some more fun and games.  In the next month or so you will see additional information about our Wildstar guild coming out and we will be introducing ourselves to the Wildstar RP Community.

In the mean time many of us are still playing other MMO's such as Guild Wars 2 and soon to be The Elder Scrolls Online.  We are hoping to make a mark in TESO in terms of RP Events for the community and enjoying some of the unique PvP the game has to over, also we look forward to the PvE content.  Some of us have never played an Elder Scrolls game so learning a new world will be fun!

Above enjoy the trailer for the Pre Order information on Wildstar!  See you soon!

The Plan Ahead!

Anipuma a posted Feb 19, 14
It's been sometime since we have been able to sit down and discuss things, but managed to do it!  For all of you that follow us, have been part of the community or those that are simply browsing our website, here is the Current Road Map for our Community!

We have decided to open up a guild in the new upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online, this is simple due to some core interest with our current membership.  We will be known as the Band of the Eclipsed Sun, a traveling band of misfits that co exist together, we will be joining the Daggerfall Covenant.  To let people know that may have a interest in joining us but aren't interested in playing the Daggerfall races, if you pre-order the game you can play any race in any alliance!  That is pretty awesome!  You can read more about it on the Forums under the Band of the Eclipsed Sun section.

You are all probably asking what is going on in the other games we have been in like Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2 and Old Republic.  Here is what is going on, we are still running events in Guild Wars 2, they usually pop up every two weeks or so.  One is a Meet and Greet and the other is a Performance Arts Night that has been quite popular in the RP Community. If you wish to join us in Guild Wars 2 you are most welcome.  In Neverwinter and The Old Republic we have seen little interest from our community to be committed to these games.  However from time to time you can catch us in either, some of us are currently playing The Old Republic

Now the big question you are probably asking right now "What happen to Wildstar?  Are we still playing it?"  A good question!  We are still going to build Scarlet Company in Wildstar, however lack of release date information from the Wildstar Community is making it differcult to plan.  Rumors in the gaming community say the game will be released in November of 2014.  Not to worry thought we do keep up with the information and will be adjusting if anything changes.  Some of us have been getting into stress test weekends so from that stand point we say the game is on its way to an official release.

Keep checking back for more information on the road ahead here!  Take Care!

We are still here!

Anipuma a posted Oct 21, 13
I know we haven't kept the front page updated lately but we are still here!  Though our numbers have dwindled a bit but we still have fun!  Where can you find us you ask?  Most of us are enjoying our time in Guild Wars 2 and from time to time playing some Neverwinter.  We are currently in a story arc in Guild Wars 2 that you can read about on the forums and have been dabbling in personal RP in Neverwinter, but all in all things have been going very well.

We are still looking to expand to Wildstar when it releases and will have more information as the time grows closer.  You can check out our Event Calendar to see when our events are taking place, currently we are hosting about four events a month in Guild Wars 2.  It is unfortunate we can't get the same number events in Neverwinter but we do alot of the Foundry there!

If you are checking us our I encourage you to apply to the guild, it is a harmless application and you will get a response right away most of the time.  We tend to be very social in voice chat and very active in roleplay in game.  If you are looking for a small, fun and social guild give us a shot!
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